She Was At Work When She Saw Something Out The Window That Changed Her Life

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The final thing this Massachusetts lady approaching when she showed adult for her change during a sanatorium was to leave with a outrageous stone on her finger, though that’s accurately what went down!

When Sandi Moniz showed adult for work during Charlton Memorial Hospital, she was awaiting to bear training on a hospital’s helipad. But as Moniz and her colleagues approached a window unaware a helipad, she saw candles spelling out “marry me” with a hulk heart. Awaiting her attainment was her boyfriend, Andrew, who was fervent to ask his her to spend a rest of her life with him.

We’ve seen copiousness of offer videos over a years, though this one is something special.

They contend intrigue is passed interjection to things like online dating and amicable media, though this is a sign that there are still some loyal romantics out there. Here’s to a splendid and happy future, Andrew and Sandi!