She Was Just Out In Her Garage When She Came Face To Face With A Huge Bear

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A Florida lady recently filmed her tighten confront with a black bear, and even yet these creatures are customarily flattering docile, a footage is still harrowing.

Teliece Sander of Seminole County, Florida, was sitting in her drive and personification games on her phone when she looked adult and satisfied that a vast bear was approaching. Having listened that we should keep ease during all costs in these situations, she didn’t panic and sat there quietly, holding a design of a vast beast, that she afterwards sent to her son. To a attachment, she combined a difference “help me.”

As a bear got closer, she satisfied that it seemed utterly tame, so she did something that few people would ever have a bravery to do. She held a whole confront on film.


Luckily for Teliece, this potentially lethal conditions finished when her son, who is intensely high and weighs 325 pounds, walked out of a residence and frightened a bear divided with his presence.