She’d Known Nothing But Loneliness. Now Watch As She Picks Out Her First Toy.

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When we brought home my golden retriever around 7 years ago, he was a many changeable and fearful dog I’d ever seen in his breed.

Sadly, he spent his puppyhood being abused, kicked, strike with objects, and sealed adult alone in a little apartment. At only a year old, his owners deserted him during a bruise like a square of trash. Now he’s as happy and nonsensical as could be after entrance to live with my family, though it’s distressing to consider anyone could provide a dog as honeyed as him so cruelly. Unfortunately, what happened to him isn’t unique, as evidenced by this pup’s identical story.

Before being discovered a few years ago, Roo a golden retriever had been carnivorous and neglected by her owner. By a time she was one, she’d never had anything to gnaw on and not so most as one fondle to play with. That’s what creates a available stage next so touching.

Watch as her new family takes her to a pet store and lets her collect out her really initial toy. Good choice, Roo!


Just saying how extraordinary and vehement she was after all she’d been by brought tears to my eyes. She deserves all a toys in a world.