Sheila ki kahani: Ex-Delhi CM could be sacrificial lamb for Congress in UP

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It seems to be a bizarre fluke that within usually hours of former Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit’s public with Congress boss Sonia Gandhi – with sensitive speculations gaining belligerent that she could possibly be done a party’s arch ministerial claimant in Uttar Pradesh or done a party’s debate in-charge in a Punjab polls – a Delhi government asked a Anti-Corruption Bureau to examine her purported complicity in a Rs 400-crore H2O tanker scam. A standard ‘kahin khushi kahin gham‘ scenario.

The 78-year-old 3 time former Delhi arch apportion couldn’t possibly be a genuine hazard to a BJP in UP, or a BJP and AAP in Punjab. So a ACB review can’t unequivocally be termed as motivated, or fight politics – during slightest during this theatre – though it unequivocally spices adult a run-up to a 2017 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. It also adds to a prolonged list of discomforts for a Congress leadership.

Sheila Dikshit in a record photo. PTISheila Dikshit in a record photo. PTI

Sheila Dikshit in a record photo. PTI

A source tighten to Sheila lent faith to a reports that she could possibly be projected as Congress’s arch ministerial claimant in UP or done check plan in-charge in Punjab, he said, “Yes, both of these are being talked about. Either of a dual options should go her way.” Though he didn’t unequivocally elaborate on possibly Sonia had invited her to plead a dual options. He combined that a preference would be taken in due course.

It appears that it is Sheila who has to initial make adult her mind. She competence consider that as Delhi arch apportion for 15 years, she had played out her innings and that it is not unequivocally a time for her to start another innings new – on a new or even antagonistic turf, if not an opposite turf. The representation and belligerent conditions on both these places are, in any case, not good for her party.

The fact that she is married to a famous Brahmin family and her successive ‘Dikshit’ Brahmin temperament might not be adequate for her to cruise her by a severe rides in UP. Prashant Kishor, Congress celebration strategist-in-chief, thinks that Brahmins would now brand with her like they once did with Atal Bihari Vajpayee of a BJP, or even Satish Mishra of BSP, and would convene around her to move behind Congress’ mislaid glory.

Again, a proof for promulgation her into Punjab as debate arch would be that she was a initial Congress chairman to sequence Delhi after a anti-Sikh riots, and reason a territory for 3 uninterrupted terms. She knows all a challengers good – Akalis, BJP and AAP. But Delhi, UP and Punjab are 3 opposite political, amicable and mercantile zones.

When she stairs out of her cosy New Delhi residence, a H2O tanker fraud examine will give bad press to her and a Congress party. Though Sheila is transparent and can urge her case, a assign of this kind can devour a good understanding of time and energy, creation it formidable for her to concentration on a new role, that eventually might be a assignment given to her by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. The ACB is nonetheless to rigourously start a box and it isn’t transparent yet, in a open domain, how critical a charges opposite her are.

When she was allocated as a Governor of Kerala in Mar 2014, in a final days of a UPA supervision – after a Congress had suffered a degrading better in Delhi– it was argued that a Governor’s post was a prerogative for her vicinity to a Nehru-Gandhi family.

Also, by apropos Governor, she would be defence from any rapist investigations for any acts of repudiation and commission—including her purported complicity in a H2O tanker scam. She, however, could reason a post usually for 5 months.

Is Sheila going to UP or Punjab as a winner, as a loser, or even as a sacrificial lamb? She apparently can’t be a winner. Post a Congress’ exit from a Delhi domestic arena, with 0 seats in Assembly, she can’t be in a winner’s position.

At 78 years of age, she could during best be enjoying her retirement. She can’t unequivocally have a appetite and expostulate to boost a spirit of a entirely discouraged and numerically shrunk Congress cadre in UP. Her father-in-law, Uma Shankar Dikshit, was indeed a chairman of status though a stream era of electorate of all hues wouldn’t unequivocally know many of him, so she is doubtful to strike an emotive cord.

More so, it is not a Rajya Sabha elections, where we change to a state where there is a vacancy, and a celebration care endangered nominates a chairman from that state as per a wisdom. This is a Assembly choosing of India’s many populous and politically unwavering state.

Her usually education to explain a UP arch ministerial position are that Prashant Kishor wants a Brahmin to be projected for a post, and that she enjoys a certainty of Rahul and Sonia Gandhi.

Given a Congress’ strength in UP – usually dual MPs and 20-odd MLAs in state public – Sheila could good be a sacrificial lamb for a Congress in UP, who could take a censure in sequence to save a initial family from a flaw of a check debacle.

Look during a Congress’ position in UP. The state president, Nirmal Khatri, was not benefaction on Thursday during a really initial public convened by a newly allocated celebration in-charge Ghulam Nabi Azad, on defence of a backache. Half a dozen Congress MLAs didn’t opinion for celebration hopeful Kapil Sibal in a 11 Jun Rajya Sabha polls. One of a MLAs dangling by a celebration is Mohammad Muslim, a Congressman for 30 years who represents Tiloi in Rahul Gandhi’s Amethi parliamentary constituency.


In a final Assembly elections, a Congress – notwithstanding an heated debate by Priyanka Gandhi – had achieved 0 seats in Raebareli and dual in Amethi. With Mohammad Muslim’s suspension, that series has now come down to one. Even Congress leaders in Rahul Gandhi’s subdivision are heedful of a party’s future. That is an emanate of critical regard for celebration group and women.

But Sheila has reasons to feel happy, for a celebration care is reposing faith in her when she has most late and a sword of a H2O tanker fraud box is unresolved over her. That she still stays a party’s best gamble for possibly of a dual states going into polls, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, reflects on a meditative of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi and not on hers.