She’s Only 10 And Is Reporting The News From One Of The Most Dangerous Cities

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What were your hopes and dreams as a 10-year-old kid?

I’ll try a theory that they were to get that unequivocally cold fondle for Christmas or turn a aristocrat or black of a playground. Personally, we knew what we wanted to be when we “grew up,” though some people don’t learn their loyal callings until after in life.

Janna Jihad Ayyad is not one of those people.

She proclaims that she’s “the youngest publisher in Palestine,” and we’re prone to trust her.

At usually 10 years old, Janna has been stating from a West Bank for scarcely 3 years already…and she has no skeleton to stop.


Her wish is to give a voice to a voiceless.

Janna goes where many reporters can’t…or won’t.


Some of her videos are tough to watch or even sense since what is function in them is so disturbing.


Janna wrote this about a above video:

“This video from inside a residence a year ago Zionists brought army tanks filled with chemical H2O no one knows what they are. And it smells really bad and they splashed on a houses, windows and on a roof of a houses and trees, we cant play, and we are ill and smelled a remaining 3 weeks, we can not open a windows or play, chemical H2O that had splashed on a roof came down in a good and, we can not splash a water, and a trees all died, a Zionists are doing this until we leave of a land.”

The immature contributor knows accurately what she wants to be when she’s older…a reporter.

We can usually suppose a dynamic immature lady will accomplish all her dreams and more!

We wish Janna a best of fitness and wish that she stays protected so that she can attend Harvard like she’s been dreaming!