Silver and Physical Inventory Part 2 – The Big Silver ETF

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Silver and Physical Inventory Part 2 – The Big Silver ETF

Silver and Physical Inventory Part 2 – The Big Silver ETF

In a follow adult to final week’s mention from out new QA with Ted Butler, questions were asked room transformation in other line and about a large ETF…

Are we observant a raging transformation of steel in other line markets?

Do we trust a ETF’s are indeed corroborated by earthy metal?

Ted: The transformation is not holding place in bullion or copper or any other COMEX, NYMEX commodity. And I’m not wakeful of this transformation holding place in any other exchange.

The COMEX authorized bullion room could be an exception. This is a Brink’s bullion repository in Hong Kong. But it’s not unequivocally partial of a COMEX system. It’s a relatively new one and they uncover a lot of transformation though it’s not associated to this.

I’m wakeful of it and we usually don’t trust too many statistics from China anyway. When we called a COMEX to scrutinise about this they were in a dark. It isn’t unequivocally a COMEX room in a clarity of china COMEX warehouses, or a copper COMEX warehouses, or a bullion warehouses, and platinum, palladium and a NYMEX, etc.

Silver is unique. As distant as there competence be some tie between some of this china possibly eventually going to or entrance from a SLV, we have an sea separating, and it’s not a many available thing to boat behind and forth.

We have some turnover in a SLV and it is opposite intuitive. In other words, some of a deposits and withdrawals from SLV are holding place for reasons that you wouldn’t routinely consider of.

It has to do with avoiding SEC shareholding mandate and relocating china around that competence be indispensable elsewhere. But generally speaking, we don’t have any reason to doubt that a SLV doesn’t have a china to behind a shares. we know a lot of people doubt it.

I wrote a integrate of open articles behind in 2006-2007, and we petitioned during a time a sponsor, a owners of a SLV that is Barclays Global Investors to yield the bar numbers, a sequence numbers and a bar weights and a hallmarks of a china that they have on deposition since adult until that time they weren’t doing it.

State Street, a unite of a GLD was inventory a sequence numbers of a 4 hundred unit bullion bars that were in a GLD though during that time Barclays wasn’t putting the sequence numbers and creation them public.

To make a prolonged story short, they didn’t demur to yield details. In unequivocally brief order, they concluded to do it. The list all a bars that are hold in a SLV. You can go to their website and get a sequence numbers and a weights and there’s such a sequence of shortcoming in this stuff. Big names and some of them are J.P. Morgan admittedly though not all that they do is curved and if we wish to demeanour during it and say, “Oh, no, they’re usually fibbing about a bar list and they’re lying.”

BlackRock, a largest income manager in a universe with roughly 4 trillion dollars value of resources underneath management, whose repute would be shredded overnight if it incited out that a china wasn’t there. I’m questionable of a lot of things, maybe some-more so than many people, though we pull a line during what’s we unequivocally got to bend over retrograde to assume that a steel isn’t there.

Now, again, it’s not a large deal. I’m not perplexing to remonstrate anybody to buy a SLV. we possess it though don’t get a elect on it or anything like that. If we don’t want to buy it, don’t buy it, and if you’re some-more gentle holding genuine china that’s fine.

With possession a problem is we get so most china for a money, that during some sincerely low turn of investment dollars we got to have it stored someplace. You can’t handle it yourself. These thousand unit bars, that’s always a closest to a price, represents a best value, these things import seventy pounds. Fifteen thousand dollars is a lot of income though seventy pounds is even some-more in weight and from a unsentimental indicate of view. If we were to buy a large volume of china we got to have somebody store it for we and we wish to collect a best storage resource possible.

That’s an critical thing, we wish to be certain that your china is where it’s claimed to be, it’s there and we wish to make certain we got …

You don’t get your possess sequence numbers when you’re a shareholder in SLV, though if you’re storing china contend during one of a COMEX warehouses that a lot of people do, you want to make certain we have a weight of that bar, a hallmark of that bar, a sequence series of that bar. That’s a usually approach to possess it.

There are dual opposite kinds of silver. There’s china that we store that we got all that information on, sequence numbers and weights, et cetera, and that’s a real stuff. Or we get a pool account, an unallocated criticism where we don’t get a numbers.

I would be unequivocally questionable about any form of china that we was storing that didn’t have a sequence number, that didn’t have a supplies that we could go get that bar, have it delivered to me during my cost.

People remove money. This outfit that usually went out of business that’s going to cost people about twenty million dollars wasn’t usually silver, Bullion Direct. They were claiming to be storing bullion ands china for people and it incited out they weren’t.

How can a particular strengthen themselves? You’ve got to use some common sense. The initial way, if you’re going to be investing in thousand unit bars since that’s the best value, we wish to make certain it’s possibly in an ETF that we trust and is physically backed. Or we wish to have your possess storage. But we wish to make sure you have all a specific details.

By a way, that’s how a fit opposite Morgan Stanley several years ago, 10 years ago we guess, I’m removing older, came about.

I had a reader who kept seeking me, “Look, I’ve got china during Morgan Stanley, okay, and they won’t give me a sequence numbers. What should we do?”

I said, “You don’t have silver. If we don’t have a sequence number, we don’t have silver. They don’t have it.”

I’m not observant they’re not going to be good for a money. They competence not go out of business since of this a 5 or 10 thousand ounces. But during a same time, they don’t have a china since there’s no reason because they wouldn’t give we a sequence numbers. He persisted and he got a counsel and a counsel filed a category movement lawsuit. He was a lead plaintiff and they paid. They paid dual to 4 million dollars in fines though it addressed a same issue. You’ve got to be certain a things is there as is pretty possible.


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