Silver Prices take a Final Dip before a Great LEAP

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Silver Prices take a Final Dip before a Great LEAP

Silver Prices take a Final Dip – Beware of a Classic Bear Trap

Remember, diseased hands buy during marketplace tops and sell during marketplace bottoms. It’s a inlet of tellurian behavior. Strong hands buy during bottoms and sell during tops.

For both bullion and silver, a swindler longs are still excessive. You don’t have bottoms in anything while a diseased hands are still long. So we need a shakeout in a COTs for a diseased palm speculators.

I see lows entrance shortly and afterwards a large moves up. Gold and china prices crashing reduce from here would be a best pierce investors could want.

Silver prices continue to struggle and continue to exam a lows. The longer-term draft looks glorious yet on a romantic short-term charts, a struggles continue. There are many questions that arise from a new activity. Is china being some-more punished by Bitcoin than gold? If mercantile expansion is so good, where is a direct for a industrial steel silver?

Silver’s opening has been reduction that common for many reasons. The miss of mercantile expansion is one and a commercials are offered china relentlessly. There is a outrageous brief seductiveness in china for no apparent reason other than a commercials consider they can brag a steel lower.

The bullion banks are super penetrating to keep a cost of china good subsequent a 200-day relocating average. Why? No some-more reason other than fervour and profit. But this should not inhibit investors.

When ubiquitous marketplace conditions turn as delayed as they are now, it army a commercials to do reticent things and a distance of their brief position here is dumb. They competence be right in a brief run yet with a bear marketplace in metals over, design a large convene in china prices and a ideal trap for a commercials to get pounded. The $15.67 area should hold, and aloft china prices are coming.

Silver prices have augmenting reduction fast than exponentially augmenting inhabitant debt for 25 years, and are now offered for multi-decade lows compared to inhabitant debt. National debt will boost 8 – 10% per year and china prices will arise some-more fast in entrance years.

Silver prices are now nearby a two-decade low when compared to a SP 500 Index. Silver prices will arise and a SP will correct, presumably soon.

All indicators uncover that bullion and china prices can see a clever convene take reason over a entrance weeks.

Currently changed steel fans competence be feeling down about silver. At benefaction a gold-silver ratio is around 79. The  100-year normal is 40. The industrial changed steel is arguably due a many indispensable catch-up given a critical underpricing.

Inflation, diseased bound income opening and a flourishing object cost bubble. Are we prepared for that?

If not, we need to severely start accumulating earthy china (and gold) to stay protected. Stock markets are on a verge of a vital fall while Gold and Silver prices ready to take off to never ever before seen levels….. soon.

The Attempt To Disregard Silver Investor Demand In The Market

There is a Disinformation War holding place in a china marketplace as certain pleasantness investigate is treacherous people by intentionally except a extensive impact of rising investment demand.  Not usually do we find this troubling, yet we am also definitely astounded how many a china pleasantness pays pleasantness to this inadequate analysis.  So, it’s time once again to set a record straight.

Setting a record loyal has now turn a new goal for me during a SRSrocco Report given a volume of disinformation and inadequate investigate being published in a mainstream and choice media is definitely disturbing.  we motionless it was time to contend adequate was enough, so we started by destroying a parable about a 1 million tons of bullion dark in a Grand Canyon in my new article, THE BLIND CONSPIRACY: The Gold Market Is Heading Towards A Big Fundamental Change.

If we haven’t review that essay and are still confused on either or not there are billions of ounces of bullion dark in a Grand Canyon, we rarely suggest that we do.  Now, if we review a essay and still trust a U.S. Government motionless to make a Grand Canyon a inhabitant park to strengthen all that gold, afterwards we have my sympathies.  However, a reason certain people in a U.S. Government motionless to make a Grand Canyon a inhabitant park given it was substantially a GOOD IDEA to keep a pleasing partial of a nation off-limits from those who had no problem with destroying a banks of a Colorado by perplexing to remove bullion during a pathetically low costly yield.

If we have seen some of a episodes of a Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush show, a outcome of bullion dredging operations isn’t pretty.  Here is a design of a pleasing landscape outward of Dawson City in a Yukon that shows a effects of placer mining and bullion dredging.  Now, how many families in a U.S. and abroad would have taken their kids on vacation to a Grand Canyon if it looked like this?  we am definitely vacant during a miss of grace and honour by people who usually find during a almighty Dollar.

(aerial print of Dawson City, Yukon – design pleasantness of Peter Mather)

To tell we a truth, we am blissful that Teddy Roosevelt had a foreknowledge to dedicate a Grand Canyon as a inhabitant relic behind in 1908.  At slightest some politicians had a knowledge to keep OFF LIMITS tools of a country, so we weren’t means to destroy it by mining it for ultra low-grade bullion or pierce it, flow petrify and build another million suburban homes.

Okay, let’s get behind to theme during hand… Silver Market Disinformation.

Precious Metals Analyst Totally Omits Silver Investment Demand From Market Fundamentals

The proclivity to write this essay came from several of my readers who sent me an talk by CPM Group’s Jeff Christian, during a San Franciso Gold and Silver Summit.  In a video, Jeff claims that there has been a china marketplace over-abundance for 10 years and those pleasantness analysts, who have reported deficits, “Are simply wrong.”  Jeff goes onto to say, “they have been wrong a whole time they have been on a china market.”

Jeff continues by explaining that to investigate a china marketplace correctly, we contingency demeanour during over-abundance and deficits formed on sum supply contra sum phony demand.   Furthermore, he criticizes pleasantness analysts who competence be compelling steel by throwing in investment direct to arrive during a deficit.  He says this is not a scold approach to do “commodities investigate analysis.”

Jeff concludes by creation a point, “that if we keep china investment direct as an “off-budget item,” afterwards a cost matches your supply-demand investigate roughly perfectly.”  Does it?  Oh… really?

If we demeanour during a CPM Group’s Supply Demand Balance chart, we consternation how Jeff is calculating his investigate on china prices –

This graph is a few years old, yet it still provides us with adequate information to uncover that a china cost has scarcely quadrupled during a duration it gifted ostensible surpluses.  According to a CPM Group’s methodology of examining sum phony direct contra supply, how on earth did a china cost arise from an normal of $5.05 during a necessity duration to an normal of $19.52 during a over-abundance period?  we arrived during a china prices by averaging a sum for any time-period.

Again, Jeff states during a talk that their supply-demand analysis, reduction investment demand, provides an roughly ideal cost analysis.  According to a CPM Group’s 2016 Silver Yearbook, a sum over-abundance for a duration 2008-2016 was approximately 900 million oz.  With a marketplace enjoying a nearby one billion oz surplus, because would that be bullish for a $20 china prices??  It isn’t… and we will explain why.

As we have mentioned in many articles and interviews, a cost of china has been formed on a cost of oil that impacts a cost of production.  If we demeanour during a following chart, we can seemingly see how a china prices have corresponded with oil prices going behind until 1900:

You will notice a outrageous cost spike in a 1970’s after Nixon forsaken a Gold-Dollar brace causing acceleration to run amuck in a United States.  Now, a oil cost didn’t impact usually silver; it also shabby a value of gold:

As with a oil-silver trend lines, a bullion and oil cost lines remained prosaic until a U.S. went to a 100% Fiat Currency complement in 1971.  So, if we motionless to chuck out all bullion and china supply-demand forces, we can see that these changed metals prices paralleled a oil price.  Now, a reason a cost of china close adult to an normal of $19.52 from 2006-2017 was due to a normal cost of production.  Today, a marketplace cost of china is $16.42, and a normal cost of primary china prolongation is between $15-$17 an ounce.  According to my investigate of a tip dual bullion mining companies, their cost of prolongation is about $1,150.  Hence, a 71-1 Gold-Silver cost ratio.

Did Jeff Christian embody a cost of prolongation in his investigate of a china price?  How many china mining companies are producing china for $5 an unit and creation an $11 profit?  Or how many china mining companies are producing china during $35 and losing scarcely $20 an ounce?  we will tell you… ZERO.

The usually approach an particular would trust that a primary china mining companies are producing china during $5 an unit is if they trust in a financier presentations that news CASH COSTS.  Anyone who continues to use CASH COST accounting needs to get their conduct examined.  It is by distant a many fraudulent metric in a pleasantness that has caused some-more difficulty for investors than anything else… well, if we don’t embody inadequate investigate by certain individuals.

I find it definitely extraordinary that a CPM Group wholly omits china investment from their elemental analysis.  Here is a draft of their sum universe china phony direct from their 2016 Silver Outlook Report:

If we are a china investor, your direct doesn’t count.  It doesn’t matter if we purchased 100 of a half a billion oz of Silver Eagles solitary by a U.S. Mint given 1986.  How many Silver Eagles have been solitary back, melted down and returned to a marketplace to be used for industrial applications??  According to a 2017 World Silver Survey (GMFS), sum Official Silver Coin sales were 965 million oz (Moz) given 2007.  If we supplement Official Silver Coin sales for 2017, it will be good over one billion.  we rarely doubt any some-more than a fragment of that one billion oz of Offical Silver Coins were remelted and solitary behind into a market.

Moreover, what tenure do we give to companies who furnish Silver Eagles or private china rounds??  Aren’t companies fabricating china bars and coins?  While it is loyal that earthy china bar and coins can be solitary behind into a market, a lot of new direct is entrance from fabricating new china bullion products.

CPM Group usually values china as a tiny commodity for a solitary purpose of provision a marketplace for industrial, jewelry, silverware, photography and photovoltaic uses.  we accumulate 2,000+ years of china as income no longer matters.  Yes, we would suppose some changed metals investors are feeling a bit undone as they watch Bitcoin go straight towards $12,000.  But a word of counsel to Bitcoin investors who are forgetful about sugarine plums dancing in their heads and dollar signs in a eyes.

Now, when we see an essay titledSigns Of A Market Top? This Pole Dancing Instructor Is Now A Bitcoin Guru; it competence be advantageous for we to remember a noted partial of a pierce in The Big Short:

There is a smashing stage where a stick dancer is explaining to a account manager how she’s shopping 5 houses.

A squalid paid stick dancer who survives on indeterminate tips should not be means to means mixed houses, yet this was a sub-prime USA where a ability to repay a loan was apparently not a prerequisite.

What a coincidence… ah??  Pole dancers shopping 5 homes and apropos a Bitcoin Guru.  What’s next?  LOL.

Regardless, a idea by CPM Group that investment direct shouldn’t be enclosed in supply and direct forecasts suggests that a bullion marketplace has gifted a sum 418 million oz (Moz) over-abundance given 2006.  Yes, that’s correct.  we distributed sum tellurian bullion earthy and ETF investment direct by regulating a World Gold Council figures:

The reason for a drop-off in net bullion investment in 2013-2015 was due to Gold ETF liquidations.  For example, 915 metric tons (29 Moz) of Gold ETF inventories were presumably liquidated into a market.  Even yet a bullion marketplace gifted a record 1,707 metric tons of earthy bar and china direct in 2013, a murder of 915 metric tons of Gold ETF’s supposing a net 792 metric tons of sum bullion investment.  Please understand, we am usually regulating these sum to infer a point.  we unequivocally don’t caring if a Gold ETFs have all their gold.  we demeanour during Global Gold ETF direct (spikes) as an indicator for gauging a volume of fear in a market.

The CPM Group does a same arrange of supply and direct investigate for gold.  They replace investment direct from a equation:

(CPM Group Chart Courtesy of

Again, according to a CPM Group, bullion bar and coins aren’t fabricated.  They contingency be constructed by Gold Elves in some dark hollow in a Grand Canyon.  No doubt, underneath a despotic control by a NSA dialect of a U.S. Government.

For anyone new to reading my work… we am being sarcastic.

Moreover, a poignant change in bullion investment direct is a transparent pointer that investors are still definitely endangered about a rarely arrogant burble markets.  If we go behind to 2002, sum bullion investment was a insignificant 352 metric tons compared to 358 metric tons of record expenditure and 2,662 metric tons of bullion valuables demand.  However, in 2011, a bullion marketplace gifted a large 1,734 metric tons of sum bullion investment contra 2,513 metric tons of valuables and record fabrication.

What is poignant about this trend change?  In 2002, tellurian bullion investment was a tiny 10% of sum bullion demand.  However, by 2011, bullion investment direct surged to 41% of a total, not including Central Bank demand.  Even in 2016, tellurian bullion investment direct was still 40% of a total.  As we can see, investors still paint 40% of a market, given they were usually 10% in 2002.

Precious metals investors need to know there is a outrageous disproportion between Gold and Silver contra all other metals and commodities.  The strenuous infancy of line are consumed while bullion and to a obtuse extent, silver, are saved.  And, they are being purchased as investments and saved for an glorious reason.

The universe continues to supplement debt at unprecedented levels.  In usually a month of November, a U.S. Government combined another $137 billion to a sum debt.  This doesn’t embody a $610 billion of additional debt combined given a debt roof was carried on Sep 8th.  So, a American open is gladdened by another $747 billion in reduction than 3 months.

Getting behind to silver, according to a GFMS group during Thomson Reuters, who yield a World Silver Survey for a Silver Institute, a marketplace will knowledge a tiny annual china over-abundance this year for a initial time in several decades:

The reason for a over-abundance has to do with a marketed decrease of china investment direct this year.  With a choosing of President Trump to a Whitehouse and a “Pole Dancing Guru” Bitcoin marketplace relocating adult towards $12,000, direct for a china investment fell by 50% this year.  However, we don’t demeanour during it as a negative.  Oh no… it’s an indicator that a marketplace has left totally insane.

This reminds me once again of a movie, The Big Short.  In a movie, a categorical actor bets large opposite a Mortgaged-Backed Securities.  Unfortunately, usually as a housing markets start to pile-up and a mortgage-back confidence marketplace starts to get in trouble, a bets that a categorical actor in a film made, began to go opposite him.  That’s correct.  His brief bets opposite a marketplace should have started to benefit in value, yet a banks wanted to dump as many of that crap on other POOR UNWORTHY SLOB INVESTORS before they would let it rise.

We are in a really same conditions today.  However, a whole marketplace is being propped up, not usually a housing market.

It is unfit to foresee some-more picturesque bullion and china prices when 99% of a marketplace is invested in a wrong assets.  So, for a CPM Group to value bullion and china formed on their phony direct totally disregards 2,000+ years of their use as financial metals.

Thus, it comes down to an IDEOLOGY on because Gold and Silver should be valued differently than tiny commodities, or even many STOCKS, BONDS, and REAL ESTATE.  Valuing bullion and china can’t be finished with standard supply and direct fundaments.  The usually reason we investigate supply and direct fundamentals is to know what is function to a marketplace over a duration of time.

For example, if we demeanour during sum tellurian china investment direct and price, there isn’t correlation:

But, if we demeanour during what happened to china investment direct given a 2008 Housing and Banking collapse, we can mark a poignant trend change:

As we can see, universe earthy china bar and china direct scarcely quadrupled after a 2008 Housing and Banking collapse.  This is a indicator that is critical to understand.  While china investment direct after 2008 has augmenting partly due to a aloft price, a some-more critical proclivity by investors is expected a vital sidestep opposite a highly-leveraged fiat financial complement and batch market. – SRSroccoreport


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