Single-tower Solar Thermal Power Plant

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Government of South Australia revealed skeleton to build single-tower solar thermal appetite plant with a due outlay of 150 megawatts. The Aurora Solar Energy Project will be built by SolarReserve, one of a biggest in general solar thermal projects. The appetite plant slated for Port Augusta in South Australia is formed with solar appetite that focused by arrays of heliostats onto a executive building where fiery salt record is used to store a appetite as feverishness to beget electricity day or night.

The sum volume of appetite storage capability for a plan will be a large 1100 megawatt-hours (MWh), during a most reduce cost than battery storage

500 gigawatt-hours of annual outlay will appetite over 90,000 South Australia homes, day and night

The Aurora plan is an instance of how tolerable solutions, for appetite now and in generations to come, encourage new industries and emanate jobs by a thousands for South Australia

Because a solar thermal appetite plant operates like a required appetite plant, many of a jobs need a same ability sets as required appetite jobs – from construction by operations

Aurora will be means to appetite 90,000 homes and beget 495 gigawatt hours of electricity per year, that is about 5% of South Australia’s appetite needs. The fiery ipecac yield 1,100 MW of appetite storage, that is adult to 8 hours of full bucket storage, that can be operated with an outlay of 24 hours a day. The Aurora Solar Energy Project will start a construction in 2018 and it is hopefully to furnish electricity by 2020. Take a demeanour during how SolarReserve’s fiery salt appetite routine works in a video below.

Source: SolarReserve

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