Smart Cycling Helmet

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Sena has denounced a new intelligent helmet for cyclists, that includes a QHD camera, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speakers and an intercom complement for gripping in hold with associate riders. Connected to a smartphone, it can play tunes by dual outmost speakers.  The speakers can read out stats like heart rate, speed and intonation from a connected aptness tracking app. When used with a microphone during a front, a device also allows for hands-free phone calls. If your friends have their possess Smart Helmets, an intercom complement allows for adult to 4 people to discuss during once, within a 900 m range.

A mounted camera can record adult to 2 hours of video in 1440p Quad HD during 30 fps, or 1080p Full HD during 60 fps. The recordings are stored on a MicroSD card, and can be eliminated over Wi-Fi.

1-product-diagram-xicofinal1Source: Sena