Smart Soccer Ball

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All intelligent balls have integrated sensors that lane all parameters, though DribbleUp doesn’t facilities any on-board electronics. It usually has markings that concede to be tracked by app. Users launch a app and place their smartphone in front of a round in an enclosed stand. The smartphone camera marks a round by a array of training instructions, guided in genuine time by audio. The instructions tumble into 3 categorical categories: shooting, sophistry and belligerent work. As a skills progress, a exercises get some-more demanding. The app give feedback after any instruction, grades and marks performance.

The round is done in 3 opposite sizes to accommodate opposite age groups. It is done from textured fake leather skin and a butyl rubber bladder. The soccer round is a theme of successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. To see it in movement watch a promo video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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