Smart Zipper Informs When The Barn Door Is Open

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Noti-fly is a intelligent zipper. What does it do? It texts we if your fly is down. It makes use of conductive thread, high-tech fabrics, and a Bluetooth radio to surprise we about a non-stop stable door. The pants are woven with electronic fabric, and a stretchable circuit board. This allows a fabric-based switch to be commissioned in both a symbol and a zipper.

To spin a pants on, we simply symbol them up. And if a complement notices that your symbol is sealed though your zipper is down, we get a Bluetooth-based notification to your smartphone to tighten a groin gate.

Noti-fly is a origination of the Chaotic Moon. They’re not indispensably perplexing to contend that we need a Bluetooth-enabled zipper. This plan is a incursion into a thought of Invisible UI, as illustrated by intelligent wardrobe that one day may surrounds us.



Source: Chaotic Moon