Snapchat Introduces Smart Sunglasses

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Snap Inc. (previously Snapchat Inch.) is a California-based multimedia company, best famous for a mobile app called Snapchat that allows users to send and accept images and videos that disappear as shortly as they’re viewed.


In a post on a central website, published Sep 24, 2016, a association announced a new video-capturing sunglasses – a spin on Glass eyewear deserted by Google final year – will be “available soon”.

“We’ve been operative for a past few years to rise a totally new form of camera,” pronounced a post by Team Snap. “Spectacles are sunglasses with an integrated video camera that creates it easy to emanate Memories”.

The latter duty usually became accessible final year, representing a change for a use famous for fleeting messages that final no longer than is compulsory to viewpoint them.

Spectacles were billed as carrying one of a smallest wireless cameras in a world, able of capturing a day’s value of “Snaps” on a singular charge, that can afterwards be eliminated to Snap program wirelessly regulating Bluetooth (on iOS) or Wi-Fi (on Android).

Video recording starts on drumming a symbol on a tip left-hand corner, and stops after 10 seconds. Tapping it again will supplement another increment of a same length. A singular video can't surpass 30 seconds.

The new “sunglasses”, set to come in one size, though 3 opposite colours (black, teal and coral), take video from a initial chairman perspective, exaggerate a 115-degree margin of view, and constraint snippets of video dictated for pity during a service.

“Imagine one of your favourite memories,” Snap said. “What if we could go behind and see that memory a approach we gifted it? That’s because we built Spectacles”.

Some assume a product will transport no improved than Google Glass, but, deliberation it’s some-more like a GoPro camera (a favourite with sports enthusiasts and YouTubers) than a mechanism inside a span of eyeglasses – it unequivocally is tough to say. Consider also that Spectacles will cost reduction than one-tenth of a prototype ($130 vs. $1,500).

While this isn’t a company’s initial hardware product on a market, with Facebook and Instagram expanding their services to embody facilities identical to Snapchat, Spectacles could really good turn a cause that keeps a expansion from plummeting.