Some People Think The Earth Is Flat. They Also Think The Eclipse Proved Their Point.

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Something unequivocally cold about a universe is that people can trust whatever foolish things they wish to.

If we didn’t know this already, there are some people out there who totally reject scholarship and trust that Earth is prosaic instead of round. The tapestry of amiability is sundry and brilliant. Flat Earthers trust that NASA photos display a turn earth are doctored by CGI and have other theories “debunking” all we know to be true.

They were generally carefree that final week’s obscure would exhibit a hoax that is a whole systematic community. Think they succeeded? Here’s what went down.

Rapper B.o.B. is maybe a many famous Flat Earther, and during a obscure he tweeted his (unintelligible) ramblings about a moon not being manifest before or after a eclipse.

When asked what indeed caused a eclipse, B.o.B. responded, “Rahu.” He is referring to an ancient imaginary being that was obliged for astronomical events. Oooookay.

Other Flat Earthers brought out their aged stand-by: a images from opposite a nation were all CGI.