Some Say Deranged Florida Shooter Could Have Had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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Nikolas Cruz, a now-infamous shooter obliged for 17 meaningless deaths Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, is sadly nonetheless another domicile name in America, a republic in that mass shootings never seem to end, many of that kill children.

Let’s make this clear: His actions are indefensible. While he might have suffered from mental illness, that does not forgive him from full censure for a eventuality that has scorched a close city and school, heading to 17 black deaths of students, coaches, and teachers who mislaid their lives during a hands of a maniac with a lethal arms he should never have had entrance to.

In fact, according to experts, a association between mental illness and gun assault is statistically insignificant. Furthermore, many cases of mental illness being related with gun assault is in a form of suicide, not mass killing.

Still, information is entrance out about a demented shooter in a days following a tragedy. The latest of such reports is that he might have had fetal ethanol syndrome (FAS). FAS is characterized by memory and influence issues, prophesy problems, conference deficiencies, and problem communicating.

While yes, these things can make life harder for a person, those symptoms do not pardon a killer. Plenty of people with disabilities distant some-more formidable to hoop are honourable people who do not go on murdering sprees. The same can also be pronounced for hundreds of thousands of kids who are dangling and diminished from propagandize any year due to disciplinary issues like Cruz was. He chose to be a torpedo and he designed his crime.

Unfortunately, a family who adopted Cruz had suspected that a killer underneath their roof might have had FAS, though miss of biological family story finished that formidable to pin down. According to Natalie Brassard, who’s worked with during risk girl for years, “Very mostly a information is lacking [such as ethanol expenditure during pregnancy] so a grave diagnosis of FASD might not come.”

Certain facial facilities are what indicate to this new information about a shooter. Those with FAS infrequently vaunt low nasal bridge, teenager ear abnormalities, and skinny top lips among other traits. Cruz has some such traits, though Brassard states that these can start in usually about anyone and are usually benefaction about 50 percent of a time.

Whether or not Cruz indeed has FAS is adult for discuss and all such claims are pristine conjecture during this point. Regardless of what might be in his past, what he’s finished in a benefaction is over any defense. What we contingency now do is support a high propagandize students who are aready operative tirelessly to finish this meaningless assault once and for all and to work alongside them. As adults, it is a responsibilty to strengthen them and not a other approach around. In that sense, we have failed.