Someone Collapsed On The Train Tracks. Then This Brave Man Did Something Amazing!

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For Con Edison workman Jonathan Kulig, a work day didn’t finish when his change was over.

Just moments before Manhattan’s L sight came resounding into a a 3rd Avenue station, a immature male fell onto a tracks. As a throng of onlookers gathered, Kulig, who had seen a distress reveal from a other side of a subway, jumped onto a marks and raced across, risking his possess life to collect adult a plant and get him to safety.

Bystander Parker Van Degraas held a whole distress on dungeon phone video. They done it with only seconds to spare!


When medics arrived on a scene, they rushed a plant to a circuitously Healthplex to residence teenager injuries. Many are job Kulig a hero, though he insists that he was only doing what he had to do.

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While he competence not cruise himself a hero, there’s no denying that but Kulig’s help, this occurrence would have had a comfortless ending. Share Kulig’s act of aplomb to uncover that we don’t need to wear a garment to be heroic!