Sona Mahapatra calls out Salman Khan: Rape is no joking matter

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As a debate around Salman Khan’s rape acknowledgement dies down — with no one in Bollywood (except Kangana Ranaut) holding adult a layer to pronounce adult opposite it — Sona Mahapatra took to Facebook on Thursday to demonstrate her restlessness with a conditions and a ubiquitous opinion towards rape.

Sona Mahapatra. Image courtesy: FacebookSona Mahapatra. Image courtesy: Facebook

Sona Mahapatra. Image courtesy: Facebook

Referring to a heartless gangrape of a lady in Bihar’s Motihari district, Sona wrote that it was a unhappy state of affairs that no one in a media is giving it adequate coverage, “no glorious there we suppose”.

She also went on to impute to Salman as a “‘talented’ (!?) thug” and pronounced her joining to a means of women pang underneath abuse stays unwavering, notwithstanding a online trolls who have sent her rape threats and “morphed exposed porn images”.

“Poison that gets a possibility to upsurge openly when inhabitant ‘Icons’ combined not usually by their supporters assembly though speedy by their peers media, frequently misbehave, speak rubbish, do rubbish, don’t get punished, don’t learn from their mistakes though instead get encouraged, celebrated, container cinema halls turn code ambassadors of ‘goodwill’. Depressing to contend a least.”

Sona put it really succinctly when she said, “rape is no joking matter”.

Read her full post below: