Sri Lanka vs India 3rd Test, day 3 Live: Herath, Kaushal perplex India

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Aug 30, 2015

  • 15:10(IST)

    Umesh Yadav into a conflict now…

  • 15:09(IST)

  • 15:09(IST)

    After 46 overs, Sri Lanka 170/8 (Herath 42, Prasad 6)

    Prasad removing into a act now. After Herath strike a retreat brush true to a gully fielder and afterwards takes a singular with a brush to prolonged leg, Prasad thumps a expostulate by additional cover for a boundary. He blocks a final one. 6 runs off a over. 

  • 15:07(IST)

    After 45 overs, Sri Lanka 164/8 (Herath 41, Prasad 1)

    Herath scoring some essential runs now. He during initial retreat sweeps it strenuously far-reaching of gully for a range and afterwards employs a conventionsl brush behind retard for a second range in a over. 8 runs off a Ashwin over. 

  • 15:06(IST)

    After 44 overs, Sri Lanka 156/8 (Herath 33, Prasad 1)

    Kaushal was looking meaningful in that over. He during initial lofted one over cover for a integrate and afterwards smacked a brief one to low retard leg for a boundary. But Mishra struck behind to mislay him. Though he was detrimental as he had an inside corner onto a pads. Prasad survives a final dual balls.

  • 15:04(IST)

  • 15:03(IST)

    OUT! Mishar strikes, finally! Kaushal is detrimental though. T Kaushal lbw b Mishra 16 (39b 3×4 0x6)

    It’s tossed adult on middle, Kaushal gets down to urge though gets an inside corner onto a pads. They all go adult in an interest and a referee rises his finger straightaway. Kaushal is unfortunate as he walks off.

    Dhammika Prasad – who was late harm – is back.

  • 14:58(IST)

    After 43 overs, Sri Lanka 149/7 (Herath 33, Kaushal 10)

    A lass from Ashwin. Herath mistimes his brush off a initial round and afterwards resorts to block, retard and retard via a over.

  • 14:54(IST)

    After 43 overs, Sri Lanka 149/7 (Herath 33, Kaushal 10)

    Herath is resorting to sweeps opposite a spinners, while Kaushal is crafty with his shot selections. Blocking good ones and putting divided bad ones. Herath sweeps a initial one to low mid-wicket for a singular and afterwards Kaushal blocks a rest five. 

  • 14:51(IST)

    After 42 overs, Sri Lanka 148/7 (Herath 32, Kaushal 10)

    Just a singular off a over. The batsmen looked comfortable via a over. Ashwin isn’t removing most spin though both a spinners aren’t fearful to toss a round up. 

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Day 2 report: Opener Cheteshwar Pujara’s high dominant 135-run hit helped India strech 292/8 during stumps on a second day of a third Test opposite hosts Sri Lanka during a Sinhalese Sports Club (SSC) here on Saturday.

Rain forced early end of a second day’s record though not before Pujara, partnered by lower-order batsman Amit Mishra (59), put on a 104-run eighth wicket mount to revitalise India from a unsafe position during 119/5.

File design of Cheteshwar Pujara. APFile design of Cheteshwar Pujara. AP

File design of Cheteshwar Pujara. AP

The mount was India’s top eighth wicket partnership opposite Sri Lanka and was also a top for a eighth wicket during this ground.

At stumps, Pujara was accompanied by Ishant Sharma, who was dominant on 2. It was Pujara’s, who is personification a initial compare of a series, seventh Test century.

The umpires called for hindrance of play on Saturday when a late showering forced a check in a proceedings. They afterwards motionless to call off play for a day due to a soppy outfield in that India scored 292 runs from 95.3 overs bowled.

Sri Lanka’s pacer Dhammika Prasad has been a home team’s best bowler, with an research of 83/4 from 23.3 overs when stumps were drawn.

India began during their overnight measure of 50/2 usually to remove Virat Kohli (18) and Rohit Sharma (26), both of whom perished after removing sound starts.

Kohli was discharged by Sri Lankan skipper Angelo Mathews who prompted an corner from him to be held by wicketkeeper Kushal Perera. He was sent to a pavilion sincerely quickly, in a ninth over of a innings, when, after a 50-run third wicket partnership with Pujara, he flashed during a far-reaching smoothness outward his off branch to give an easy possibility behind a stumps.

Rohit assimilated Pujara and they batted with caution, heedful of a relocating delivery.

Pujara grew in certainty as his generation during a double increasing and reached his fifty in a 43rd over. He batted patiently to negotiate a early morning bowling venom of a hosts.

He and Rohit put together a 55-run third wicket mount though their bid was dismantled usually during a cadence of lunch when a latter edged a relocating round to a initial slip.

India were reduced to 119/4 in 45.5 overs during lunch. India scored usually 69 runs in 30.5 overs in a morning session, losing those dual essential wickets in a process.

It went from bad to worse when play resumed after lunch with all-rounder Stuart Binny (0) removing out on a initial round of a post-lunch session.

Debutant Naman Ojha (21) fake a 54-run mount for a sixth wicket with Pujara though perished when things began to demeanour adult for India. Ravichandran Ashwin’s (5) discerning exclusion increasing India’s troubles as they mislaid a seventh wicket for 180 runs.

But from there Pujara, with Mishra in tow, began a reconstruction process. He remained indifferent by a flurry of wickets and played good all around a park — generally superb while personification a cut shots.

The 27-year-old cut down his strokes as he changed nearby a three-figure symbol even as Mishra played freely. He reached his century in 214 deliveries with a assistance of 9 fours and after combined another 4 boundaries.

Pujara also got a postpone during his personal measure of 117 as Nuwan Pradeep forsaken a locate during fine-leg off a Mathews delivery.