Stair Climbing Suitcase

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There’s a compensation in gliding a box over a well-spoken airfield floor, though not in stairs, generally when a box is heavily-packed. There is difference with TraxPack, that drops onto a side to slip adult staircases with relations ease. It has a accumulation of useful facilities built in, such as plcae tracking, a horse for mobile inclination and an integrated scale.

When user is faced with a set of stairs, he can tip a TraxPack onto a side and lift it up, with a marks permitting a bag to hurl freely. Built into one side of a bag’s aluminum polycarbonate physique are dual tank-like tracks.

Coupled with sloping hoop that provides softened maneuverability in unexpected situations and users are means to precedence a force of their physique weight to pierce a container around some-more simply than is a box with bound handles.


The location-tracking is powered by GSM and GPRS technology, and it also has a built-in scale that allows to check a weight of their luggage. There’s an discretionary vicinity sensor appendage that can warning users when a bag is on a approach to container explain or if someone has changed it divided from a traveler.

The removable energy container for charging mobile inclination can be upgraded to a intensity 20,000 mAh, that could yield around eight full smartphone charges. There are two USB ports so that dual inclination can be charged during once and a built-in LED peep light.

It’s now a theme of a Kickstarter campaign. An early bird  pledge of US $198 will get we one, presumption all is successful and shipping is approaching from Mar subsequent year.


Source: Kickstarter