Stealing Usually Goes Better When You Don’t Run Into A Police Station Right After

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Talk about a vital fail. After hidden a woman’s dungeon phone, this amateurish burglar ran directly into a military station.

Reportedly, a 38-year-old male wasn’t informed with a neighborhood, though isn’t a plain getaway devise a initial order of any robbery? As a confidence footage shows, he snatches a dungeon phone, usually to run right by a open gates of a Longgang District Police Station in Shenzhen, China. Sorry, sir, though it doesn’t demeanour like crime was your loyal job in life after all.

The indirect detain was so infrequent that a military officer didn’t even stop smoking his cigarette. Puff, puff, HANDCUFFS!

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If we indispensable one good reason not to run around hidden dungeon phones, this is it! Be certain to share this crazy destroy with your friends and family.