Stunning Development In Comex Gold Jun Deliveries

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Stunning Development In Comex Gold Jun Deliveries

Stunning Development In Comex Gold Jun Deliveries

If a Comex were authorised to emanate paper contracts representing no some-more that 10 or 20% of a tangible volume of bullion hold by Comex vaults, what would a cost of bullion be?

1.176 million ounces of bullion have been delivered – or should we contend “delivered” – for a Jun agreement six days into a Jun agreement smoothness period.  I don’t follow a smoothness patterns as closely as we used to, though this is a large volume of settled deliveries.  Even some-more engaging is a fact that there’s still 6,683 Jun contracts open representing 668,300 ozs of intensity deliveries.   This is a comparatively high series of contracts still open this distant into a smoothness period.

One other engaging indicate of note is that over a final few months, a integrate new “players,”  beyond a customary Comex bullion banks (JPMorgan, HSBC, Scotia) have been participating in a deliveries:  B of A (Merrill), International FCStone Financial, Morgan Stanley and SocGen.   All 4 of these have been holding an augmenting volume of deliveries a past integrate of months, essentially on interest of business (vs. for their possess residence account).

I have no thought what would be triggering this remarkable boost in smoothness activity on a Comex – other than a obvious.   And who knows to what border a earthy bullion is indeed being changed from a accounts of a delivering parties to segregated accounts of a parties holding delivery.   It would be even some-more engaging if a lot of this bullion was being private from a Comex, that would strengthen a odds that it unequivocally exists in easy earthy form.

On another note, a batch portfolio apportionment of a account we co-manage was adult 4.7% currently vs. a HUI adult .23% and a GDXJ “junior” ETF adult 1.7%.  We possess rarely strong positions in loyal youth scrutiny stocks.  My indicate here is that a lot of income is issuing into a top risk/return shred of a mining batch sector.  In my opinion this is a vigilance that a “smart” income is awaiting a large pierce in a whole sector.




Courtesy: Investment Research Dynamics

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