Sunanda Pushkar murder case: Police seeks sum of deleted chats

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New Delhi: Delhi Police has created to Canada’s Department of Justice seeking sum of a deleted chats from a mobile phones of Sunanda Pushkar and her husband, Congress personality Shashi Tharoor.

The military has sent a Letters Rogatory to a dialect seeking them to get sum of discuss messages from Research in Motion Ltd, a comparison military officer said. Senior Journalist Nalini Singh had told military that she had a discuss with Pushkar in that she had mentioned that Tharoor and Pakistani Journalist Meher Tarar had allegedly exchanged messages that were deleted from Tharoor’s phone.

Sunanda Pushkar. PTISunanda Pushkar. PTI

Sunanda Pushkar. PTI

51-year-old Pushkar was found passed during a apartment in a five- star hotel in South Delhi on a night of 17 January, 2014, a day after her squabble with Tarar on Twitter over her purported event with Tharoor.

Several persons including Tharoor have been questioned in tie with Pushkar’s death. The military have also conducted polygraph exam on 6 persons, all primary witnesses in a case, including Tharoor’s domestic assistance Narayan Singh, motorist Bajrangi and Sanjay Dewan, a tighten crony of a couple.

In February, Tarar was questioned about her propinquity with a Congress personality and his wife, her quarrel with Pushkar over Twitter, and other issues revolving around Pushkar’s death.

Delhi Police had in Jan 2015 purebred a box of murder in tie with Pushkar’s death. The FBI news sent to Delhi Police in Nov 2015 had probably ruled out a speculation of ‘polonium poisoning’ carrying caused her death.

However, after Delhi Police unsuccessful to pull any end on basement of a findings, a news was handed over to a medical house for hearing before serve record in a high-profile case.

The medical house is nonetheless to give the opinion on means of Pushkar’s death.