Sunglasses With Solar Cells

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Researchers from Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology combined a span of sunglasses that beget electricity around solar cells. The solar cells are organic instead of silicon, they are transparent, flexible, lightweight, and can be made in a accumulation of colors and shapes. Each solar dungeon lens weighs 6 grams, is 1.6 mm thick, and fits into sunglasses frames, that residence electronics, including a microprocessor, dual sensors and dual displays. The lenses energy those electronics, that magnitude and arrangement a stream enlightenment energy and ambient temperature.

Each lens generates 0,2 Watts of energy underneath indoor enlightenment down to 500 lux. This isn’t to most power, though it’s adequate to energy a device such as a conference assist or a step counter. The record could feasible also be practical to a windows of buildings, where it would beget most some-more power.

A paper on a investigate was recently published in a journal Energy Technology.

Source: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


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