Sweet Video Shows Caretaker Comforting A Sick, 1,400-Pound Bear

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Sometimes we all could use a bear cuddle to assistance get us by a day. But what happens when it’s a bears that could use a kind embrace?

That’s where Jim Kowalczik, owners of a Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York, comes in. When one of his bears, Jimbo, was carrying a quite terrible February, including a hitch of sickness, Kowalczik was prepared and peaceful to give a delicate bear accurately what he needed. The male can be seen kindly rocking behind and onward as he rubs a bear’s neck.

A real-life bear hug. we adore it!

(via Daily Mail)

It’s critical to remember that Kowalczik is a lerned professional. Don’t go walking into a woods and design a grizzly bear to wish to uncover we some adore with a large hug.