Take home Mugsy, a Raspberry Pi coffee robot

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We adore Mugsy, a Raspberry Pi coffee drudge that has crushed a crowdfunding idea within days! Our latest YouTube video shows a catch-up with Mugsy and a creator Matthew Oswald during Maker Faire New York final year.


Labelled ‘the world’s initial hackable, customisable, passed simple, robotic coffee maker’, Mugsy allows we to take control of each aspect of a coffee-making process: from grub distance and H2O temperature, to decoction and freshness time. Feeling idle instead? Read in your beans’ barcode around an onboard scanner, and it will automatically use a best settings for your brew.

Mugsy Raspberry Pi Coffee Robot

Looking to start your day with your favourite coffee true out of bed? Send a drudge a text, email, or tweet, and it will forewarn we when your coffee is ready!

Learning by product development

“Initially, we used [Mugsy] as a approach to learn myself hardware design,” explained Matthew during his Editor’s Choice–winning Maker Faire stand. “I unequivocally wanted to reason something discernible in my hands. By regulating a Raspberry Pi and usually being curious, anytime we wanted to use a new technology, we would try to lift behind [and ask] ‘How can we confederate this into Mugsy?’”

Mugsy Raspberry Pi Coffee Robot

By exploring his passions and regulating Mugsy as his guinea pig, Matthew combined a plan that not usually solves a problem — how to make extraordinary coffee during home — though also brings him one step closer to ‘making things’ for a living. “I used to dream about this things when we was a kid, and we used to contend ‘I’m never going to be means to do something like that.’” he admitted. But now, with open-source inclination like a Raspberry Pi so straightforwardly available, he “can see a finish of a road”: creation his passion his livelihood.

Back Mugsy

With usually a few days left on a Kickstarter campaign, Mugsy has reached a idea and afterwards some. It’s accessible for subsidy from $150 if we yield your possess Raspberry Pi 3, or from $175 with a Pi enclosed — check it out today!

Source: Raspberry Pi blog, created by Alex Bate.

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