Talk With Your Colleagues Anonymously, With Blind

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Tired of being monitored by your association while wanting to plate with colleagues about pronounced company? Or maybe you’re curious about what people with identical work experience are creation during other companies? Blind, a two-year-old app founded in South Korea and newly accessible in a U.S., might be only a thing for you.

Its large idea: bringing anonymity to a workplace so we can “share a genuine you” with other employees. If we occur to figure out what’s unequivocally function in a top echelons of the company, so most a better.

Blind’s origins snippet behind to Naver, a South Korean Internet giant, that prolonged ran a widely used worker forum yet pulled a block when employees began creation less-than-flattering remarks about management.  When a organisation of Naver employees left to form Blind, many Naver employees embraced a platform, followed by employees elsewhere.

It’s been flourishing ever since, says Osuke Honda, a ubiquitous partner during DCM, which led an unannounced Series A spin of “single series millions” in a association in May. Indeed, he says that another pivotal impulse for Blind came late final year, when a comparison Korean Air executive exploded in a fury after a moody attendant presented her peanuts in a bag instead of on a dish.

Interestingly, those Korean Air employees had to wait until 200 of their colleagues had sealed adult to join Blind before they were means to emanate their possess plead room. Explains Honda, “The motive is if it’s 10 people regulating Blind, it’s tough [to safeguard that those employees are] anonymous.” At a conflicting finish of a spectrum, “If it’s 500 employees, a jump of opening a plead room is some-more difficult.”

The association might reduce a series – somewhat – as it seeks to attract U.S. users. But to date, that threshold has not valid too high. Blind says employees of scarcely 800 companies are now actively regulating a platform, including Microsoft and Amazon.

While a association doesn’t mangle out how many employees that totals, it says 40 percent of a users lapse daily and 80 percent lapse monthly. Blind also says a normal use on a site amounts to 20 mins a day.

The judgment of an unknown worker forum isn’t wholly new. Old timers might remember a Vault, a site that emerged during a go-go dot-com days and enabled people to post unknown reviews of their companies. (The site is still ongoing, carrying acquired new owners along a way.)

Blind takes most larger heedfulness to heed itself from the likes of Secret and other mobile anonymity apps.

DCM has corroborated a unknown amicable app Yik Yak, and Honda says DCM is advising Blind formed on lessons schooled by that earlier investment, quite when it comes to balancing a peculiarity of interactions but “going too distant in policing it,” says Honda. In a meantime, Blind says a workplace concentration is a large differentiator.

“We’re in a veteran space, so there’s unequivocally small ‘bad’ content,” says Alex Shin, Blind’s U.S. conduct of operations. “Our idea is unequivocally to squash hierarchies within companies and give employees a possibility to plead what’s going on” — both in plead bedrooms that they set adult for their possess colleagues, and in supposed lounges, where employees from opposite companies can accumulate to speak anonymously.

Says Shin of a forms of calm posted to Blind: “It’s, ‘Microsoft only launched a new phone; how do we consider we will do? Or ‘What do we consider of a new Surface Pro stuff?’”

In a cases where those conversations take an unpalatable turn, Blind has an answer for that, too, says Shin. “If people contend things that are inappropriate, that calm gets flagged. If a calm gets flagged countless times, it will disappear. If a user gets flagged 7 times within a certain period, we’ll proviso out that user, as well.”

Indeed, one of a biggest hurdles to Blind would seem to be remoteness concerns. No one wants to get held bad-mouthing a boss. Shin insists it’s a non-issue. “We determine new users and compare employers around email domain or LinkedIn/Facebook, afterwards users’ email is encrypted and all else is erased as shortly as you’re verified.” Blind “has ever bottom covered,” he says.

There’s also a doubt of a business model, something about that “we speak about a lot,” laughs Honda of DCM. It’s also a doubt a association is putting off, for now.


“For a subsequent year, it’s some-more about removing invasion – removing people to share ideas and emanate forums and what not,” says Honda. Later, one probable instruction for a association would be into recruiting. “There are lots communications that go on about jobs and HR-related stuff.” He says he could see Blind eventually embracing aspects of Glassdoor’s model. “We don’t wish to pierce in that instruction too soon, though,” he adds.

If your association isn’t regulating Blind and you’re meddlesome in checking it out, we can settle a waitlist, or pointer adult for an existent waitlist, here.