Targeted practice programme can dramatically cut injuries in girl rugby

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Getting immature rugby players to finish new balance, strength and transformation exercises before matches and in training can revoke injuries by over 70%, according to a benchmark investigate released on Thursday 18 May 2017.

Our latest health investigate with a RFU highlights a thespian outcome of a new practice custom on damage impediment in rugby. Image credit: RFU.

Published in a British Journal of Sports Medicine, a commentary of a School Injury Prevention Study – that was led by a University’s Department for Health and a Rugby Football Union (RFU) from 2013-16 – uncover a thespian outcome of a newly-devised practice programme in shortening altogether injuries for girl rugby.

The recommendations will now be rolled out national by a RFU in credentials for subsequent season.

Dramatic rebate in injuries

For a study, that concerned 40 schools and scarcely 2,500 players aged 14 – 18, a researchers found that altogether injuries fell by 72% when players finished a new exercises during slightest 3 times a week. Concussion injuries were reduced by 59%.

The new training and pre-match practice programme was grown by a investigate group as partial of a study. It focuses on balance, strength and lively in sequence to improved ready players for a earthy hurdles they face in matches and to lessen intensity damage risks. Split into 4 stages it takes roughly 20 mins to complete.

This is done adult of: a using warm-up with change of instruction activities (2 minutes); lower-limb change training (4 minutes); targeted insurgency exercises (8 minutes); and jumping, side-stepping and alighting exercises (6 minutes).

Season-long intervention

The programme is a season-long involvement directed during underneath 15s to underneath 18s. Every 4 weeks within a deteriorate a specific exercises change to simulate a swell a players have made.

Professor Keith Stokes, who led a investigate from a University, explained: “Over new years, damage risk in girl rugby has perceived most courtesy highlighting a significance of substantiating new, evidence-based damage rebate strategies.

“Our formula are sparkling since they uncover that carrying out a elementary set of exercises on a unchanging basement can almost revoke injuries in girl rugby. We trust these commentary will have a poignant impact in assisting to urge actor welfare, creation a diversion safer for immature players to enjoy.”

The RFU, who consecrated a study, will hurl out these commentary opposite a village diversion and are building training resources for clubs, schools and coaches.

Dr Mike England, RFU Community Rugby Medical Director, added: “We invested in this ground-breaking investigate as partial of a joining to actor welfare. It is a pivotal step in a systematic proceed to damage prevention.

“The formula are considerable and we wish that a associated investigate display identical effects in a adult village diversion will be published soon.

“The RFU skeleton to hurl out this proceed opposite a village diversion in England and we will be training a internal smoothness workforce to assistance clubs, schools, colleges and universities adopt this form of training and realize a intensity advantages for players.”

World Rugby Chief Medical Officer, Dr Martin Raftery said: “World Rugby applauds a RFU and a University of Bath on another critical and high-quality square of investigate that serve demonstrates rugby’s joining to an evidence-driven actor gratification approach. We will plead with both parties how this physique of work can be practical to advantage a tellurian game.”

For a past 10 years a Rugby Science group within a Department for Health during a University have been operative closely with a RFU and a RFU Injured Players Foundation to know some-more about damage risks in rugby and ways to revoke them.

This critical partnership has also included the investigate carried out with World Rugby, the RFU and a RFU Injured Players Foundation to revoke a army in a scrum. This resulted in a change in scrum rendezvous technique to ‘crouch, bind, set’ that was introduced globally in 2013 by a World Rugby Law change.

Access a study

To entrance a latest study, ‘Reducing musculoskeletal damage and concussion risk in schoolboy rugby players with pre-activity transformation control practice programme: a cluster randomised tranquil trial’, published in a British Journal of Sport Medicine see

Source: University of Bath

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