Test of new airfield scanner technology

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DTU has grown a new X-ray technique that enables airfield scanners to heed between authorised and taboo essence of a bag, even if we leave your laptop and any fluids in a bag.


The new technique has been done probable since researchers have identified quick and fit methods to grasp a distant larger contrariety between opposite forms of materials in X-ray scans.

“We use newly grown X-ray colour cameras (multispectral cameras) in a scanner, total with mathematical methods to beget 3D models of a luggage. In this way, liquids such as water, alcohol, and acetone can be represented in opposite ways, enabling airfield staff to heed non-hazardous fluids from those not authorised on flights,” explains Project Manager Ulrik Lund Olsen, DTU Physics.

Test of newcomer communication
The new technique is partial of a new altogether judgment for airfield confidence checks, grown by a association Exruptive and supported, among others, by a Innovation Fund Denmark. The complement is now being tested during Skydstrup Airport in Vojens, Denmark.

In further to a new scanners, a complement also includes a trolley done of combination cosmetic with a diseased X-ray impression. Passengers place their carry-on luggage in a trolley after carrying perceived their boarding pass, and a whole trolley is afterwards run by a X-ray scanner, while a newcomer (as is a box today) walks by a steel detector and presumably a physique scanner.

“Yesterday, we tested newcomer response to a new complement regulating 90 volunteers from internal Vojens associations behaving as atmosphere passengers. Fortunately, all went well—now usually a few adjustments remain,” explains Jakob Schmidt, CEO of Exruptive.

He expects a new complement to be implemented in an airfield within a subsequent few years, with a ability of doing adult to 600 passengers per hour compared to 150 passengers in stream confidence lines.

Source: DTU