The drink for gluten allergy sufferers and people who hatred beer

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People who humour from gluten allergy have to live with a series of stipulations in terms of what they put on their plates. But if Mikkel Hansen, who is a tyro during a National Food Institute, has anything to do with it, they will not be attacked of a event to suffer a cold drink with their food.

The hunt for a opposite beer

In a hunt to make a drink distinct any other he initial attempted producing a drink that featured weed from a Danish coastal silt dunes in a starring role. However, a thought was improved on paper than in practice, so he incited his courtesy to building a gluten-free drink brewed exclusively with oats – even nonetheless oats are formidable to work with in drink prolongation since of problems in a process. There are already gluten-free beers on a market, though many have corn as a categorical ingredient.

By adding enzymes to unmalted oats – that is a cheaper part than a normal drink brewing grains wheat and barley – he succeeded in brewing a beer, that according to tests from a National Food Institute meets a criteria for gluten-free foods. Test formula have been exclusively verified.

The drink is opposite than a normal pilsner both in coming – it is pale and really light – and in taste, that is uninformed and refreshing, easily malted and citrusy. It is since of a uncharacteristic ambience that people who have tasted it have called it “the drink for people who hatred beer”.

Not for sale – yet

The drink has been constructed during a DTU Brewery, that is housed in a National Food Institute. However, it is not for sale in stores or restaurants – yet. This is since nonetheless a drink has been brewed many times in a DTU Brewery’s possess law system, brewery managers during blurb breweries are disturbed that a atypical drink will means problems if it is brewed in their systems.

As such, some-more work is indispensable to infer how to furnish a drink during an typical brewery but complications before a blurb brewery will put a drink into production.

The DTU Brewery also skeleton to investigate a rubbish product generated during prolongation as it appears to enclose profitable substances that could potentially be extracted and used in food production.

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The work concerned in building a drink has been described in an essay in a biography European Food Research and Technology: Brewing with 100 % unmalted grains: barley, wheat, oat and rye.

The DTU Brewery is operative to rise a tolerable brewery formed on a latest technologies and interdisciplinary research, where researchers, students and attention in team-work can try out new ideas. Read some-more on a DTU Brewery website (available in Danish only).

Mikkel Hansen is in his second year of a Master of Science in Food Technology during DTU. He has finished a brewery operative preparation during University of Copenhagen alongside his studies during DTU. When he’s not studying, Mikkel Hansen is Brewery Manager during Hareskovens Bryggeri Skovlyst in a Greater Copenhagen area.

Source: DTU