The Campaign: G.O.P. Candidates Seize on Shootings in California as Proof of Terror Threat

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Ted Cruz, a Republican claimant for president, on Friday seemed during a sharpened operation in Johnston, Iowa, and said, “We need to aim a bad guys.”

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The Republican possibilities for boss angrily demanded on Friday that a United States face adult to a new universe war, one that has breached a borders, threatens a reserve of Americans and has brought a hazard of Islamic terrorism low into a homeland.

With distinguished unanimity, they indicted a boss and his associate Democrats of timorous from a long-overdue conflict on a Islamic State and a frighteningly effective collection of tellurian recruitment.

Their charge reflected a grade to that a disband and pell-mell debate is being reordered as a hazard of terrorism moves from a capitals of unfamiliar lands to San Bernardino, Calif., a operative category city outward Los Angeles.

“Our republic is underneath siege,” Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey pronounced during a cafeteria in farming Iowa. “What we trust we’re confronting is a subsequent universe war. This is what we’re in right now, already.”

The rising confrontational tinge gripped a Republican presidential field, as a initial calm and calls for prayers that followed a shootings gave proceed to revelations that a electrocute might have been desirous by a Islamic State.

Hillary Clinton called for fighting militant networks and people radicalizing others on a Internet.

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Senator Ted Cruz of Texas seethed with offend for Democrats, declaring, “This republic needs a wartime president.”

“Whether or not a stream administration realizes it, or is peaceful to acknowledge it,” he added, “our enemies are during fight with us.”

Their denunciation was roughly apocalyptic. Jeb Bush described a appearing hazard of “Islamic terrorism that wants to destroy a proceed of life, wants to conflict a freedom.”

He sincerely added: “They have announced fight on us. And we need to announce fight on them.”

As a Republicans spoke of a lethal sharpened by a Muslim father and mother as a clarifying moment, Democrats seemed to offer a some-more perplexed response, ripped between their intrinsic enterprise for tighter gun regulations and a need to confront a hazard of homegrown Islamic terrorism yet tarring a sacrament itself.

In Sioux City, Iowa, on Friday, Hillary Clinton spoke not of fight yet of a need to ferret out “those folks who are on a Internet radicalizing people” and called for fighting “terrorist networks” from a atmosphere and from a ground, avoiding a word “Islamic terrorism”and propelling attraction toward Muslims.

And she fast pivoted to a emanate that has consumed a Democratic side of a debate given a massacre: a prepared supply of guns in a United States. “Part of that strategy, I’m only going to contend this,” she said, “is to try to forestall terrorists from removing their hands on guns in a country.”

That, too, was a concentration of Mrs. Clinton’s Democratic competition Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who on Friday clamored for stretched credentials checks and a closure of gun-purchasing loopholes.

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Republicans showed small calm for such nuance. In Greenland, N.H., Senator Marco Rubio of Florida mocked a boss and a Democratic candidates.

“Forty-eight hours after this is over they’re still out there articulate about gun control measures,” Mr. Rubio said, evoking a apprehension attacks in Paris 3 weeks ago. “As if somehow terrorists caring about what a gun laws are. France has some of a strictest gun laws in a universe and they have no problem appropriation an arsenal to kill people.”

For all a exhilarated expressions from Republicans, there emerged no genuine minute accord among them about how to destroy a Islamic State or stop it from moving destiny adherents in a United States.

They adored symbolism over specific process prescriptions. Mr. Cruz on Friday seemed during a sharpened operation in Johnston, Iowa, emphasizing Americans’ right to bear arms in these newly dangerous times.

“We need to aim a bad guys,” Mr. Cruz pronounced of a San Bernardino attackers, in a room whose behind wall was filled with replicas of ancestral guns, including a Thompson submachine gun. “But on a flip side, what keeps us protected is we are giveaway people who have a God-given right to strengthen a homes and a families and a lives.”

By Friday night, as sovereign investigators detected an online oath of support to a Islamic State from one of a shooters, there was small brawl that a bloody uproar had rattled a republic in a proceed that prior mass shootings had not — and had altered a contours of a presidential race.

David Gergen, an confidant to 4 presidents, both Democratic and Republican, described a fear he has not seen given he issue of a Sept. 11 attacks.

“I speak to people who worry that they will be shot on a streets of New York,” he pronounced in an interview. “I had a one crony contend it’s worse than 9/11. It only seems like all of us are vulnerable.”

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He called it a commitment eventuality in a campaign, yet one whose impact was disposed to be misread. In a weeks given a Islamic State-inspired attacks in Paris, Republican electorate are flocking not to a claimant with a many knowledge handling inhabitant security, yet to an alien with no supervision resume: Donald J. Trump. A CNN check on Friday showed that Mr. Trump’s support had jumped 9 points given mid-October.

Mr. Gergen predicted, warily, that could accelerate. “There is this additional dimension operative in Trump’s favor: Americans are looking over sold process for a celebrity that looks like somebody clever enough, tough enough, large adequate to yield security.”

He added: “It’s roughly animalistic. The tellurian instinct is to find safety.”

In Iowa on Friday, Dave Shetterly showed adult to hear Mr. Cruz, armed with his gun and commitment about terrorism.

“I am not aroused yet we am cautious,” he said. “I watch. we observe.”

Mr. Shetterly (who left his gun in his car) pronounced he was ancillary Mr. Cruz given his proceed to inhabitant confidence was robust and unambiguous. “He doesn’t give we a lot of tongue like President Obama has done,” he said. “He calls it what it is. It’s terrorism. It’s an Islamic terrorism state.”

In a days given a killings in San Bernardino, Republicans have raced to fill a purpose of a terror-combating commander in chief, infrequently with a brew of brag and boast and oneupmanship. Mr. Rubio pounded Mr. Cruz for a opinion he pronounced enervated a government’s ability to collect supposed metadata, job such comprehension entertainment essential to inhabitant security.

Mr. Christie done an surprising boast: Long before a authorities done transparent they were treating a electrocute as a terrorism investigation, he pronounced he had now famous it as such.

“Let me tell you, as a former prosecutor, from a time we began to watch a events reveal final night,” he pronounced on Thursday, “I am assured that was a militant attack.”

The throng erupted into applause.

Mr. Christie shook his conduct in ridicule disbelief. “The president,” he said, “continues to wring his hands and contend ‘We’ll see.’ But those folks dressed in tactical rigging with semiautomatic weapons came there to do something.”