The Final Year of Jubilee Indicates End Times Are Near

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End-time anticipation is a prohibited subject among those of a Jewish and Christian faiths. Fire and brimstone preachers are constantly revelation people that any year is a final year, that they need to get their affairs in order and that they need to be ready. It is believed that this year is different. According to a Jewish and Christian faiths, certain happenings are aligning in a approach that leans toward acknowledgment that a finish times might truly be near. Followers trust that signs, such as a 4 blood moons; lunar eclipses, that all occurred on Jewish holidays; a fact that 2016 is a 50th year of Jubilee; and a sevens, that are tied together in a Bible, prove a accomplishment of end-time anticipation for both religions.

Jews and Christians trust a series 7 is a bedrock of a Word of God. It represents soundness and completion, and coincides with a origination of everything. The Sabbath is distinguished on a seventh day of a week and is a day of rest, since after God had combined all things in 6 days, he complacent on a seventh, according to Genesis 2:2. Even a land is to have a Sabbath any 7 years, says Leviticus 25:2-4. This seven-year settlement has been respected by Jews for 3,000 years. After 7 land sabbaticals, a Israelites distinguished a year of Jubilee. The Year of Jubilee was distinguished on a 50th year.

During a Year of Jubilee, a earth is given rest, debts are forgiven, and land is returned to a strange owner, as laid out in Leviticus 25:8-11. The Earth will also have a thousand-year Sabbath after 6,000 years. This time of rest for a Earth starts after all people have left a Earth. The Bible, as interpreted by both religions, states that a 7,000 started once Adam and Eve sinned in a Garden of Eden. The 70th Year of Jubilee started with a Sept. 27, 2015, sum lunar obscure and will finish in Sep 2016. This shall be a final Year of Jubilee, indicating a finish times are near, if following stream events and backing them adult in a Bible, as believed by a dual eremite groups.

The series 70 is poignant in a Bible. Seven coincides with soundness and 10 represents God’s law, as good as completion. Therefore, 70 is a pitch of soundness in devout sequence that is executed with all-encompassing power. However, during times, it symbolizes judgment. The series 70 has a special tie with Jerusalem. When Judah was underneath Babylonian confinement, Jerusalem continued to respect a 70 years of Sabbaths, as suggested in Jeremiah 25:11. It was a “50th year after 7 years of 7 cycles” when a Israelites were freed. This is a Year of Jubilee (Leviticus 25:10).

The Year of Jubilee began on a Day of Atonement and was announced with a blow from a ram’s horn. This year of leisure compulsory 3 things from a Israelites to be sanctified:

  1. The people and a land will have a duration of rest. The crops that grew during this time were for a bad to eat and a animals to feed on.
  2. All a land was to be returned to a strange owners intact. Those who were forced to sell were also to recover their land.
  3. All Israelites who sole themselves – possibly to group in their encampment or to a immigrant due to poverty, were to be freed, along with their children.

According to a Jewish faith, these 3 mandate during a year of Jubilee were to forestall a Israelites from persecuting any other. This also hindered anyone from entertainment permanent resources and withdrawal others in poverty. Permanent labour was no longer authorised or needed, that was seen as a sign to those of faith that God has courtesy for mercantile freedom.

Believers in Christ contend a pivotal that indicates the finish times are nearby is found in Daniel 9:24, in that it is mandated that it will take 490 years for Jerusalem to be redeemed for a sins. It reads, “Seventy weeks are intended about your people and your holy city—to move a rebellion to an end, to put a stop to sin, to clean divided iniquity, to move in secure righteousness, to sign adult prophesy and prophecy, and to lubricate a holiest place.” The 70 weeks equal 490 years, that many trust proves that this is a final Jubilee year.

This anticipation given to Daniel has dual singular and vicious accomplishments:

1. There will be 70 sabbatical cycles, or 490 years, to atone for sin. Jesus was a ultimate scapegoat for a emancipation of sin.
2. The second accomplishment would be for people to stop violating God’s law of “everlasting righteousness,” and predicts a second entrance of a Savior will start along with a 70 Jubilees.


Tetrads are 4 sum lunar eclipses spaced 6 months apart. The many new tetrad began on Apr 14, 2014, and a final one was Sept. 27, 2015, kicking off a final Year of Jubilee. Each of a 4 lunar eclipses occurred on Jewish holidays, that has not happened before and is not likely to occur again in this century, according to a 19-year cycle a tetrads seem to have followed from 1909,  and that was damaged in 2014.

The subsequent Jewish jump year will come to pass in 2016. There are 7 Jewish jump years in a 19-year cycle. The blood moon and lunar obscure are referenced in a Bible as indicating finish time anticipation in Joel 2:28-32; Acts 2:17-21 and Revelation 6:12-13.

Hebrews 4:1-11 speaks to a opposite kind of rest than a Sabbath. It talks about resting in Jesus. This might be referring to a tribulation; a finish of a 6,000 years. Especially when adding 2 Peter 3:8, in that Peter says that one day is a thousand years to God. If this were accurate, Jesus was innate 5,000 years after a Earth was combined – on a fifth day, that would make 2015 nearby a finish of a sixth day.

Hosea 6:1-2 says, “Come, let us lapse to a Lord. For He has ripped us, and He will reanimate us; He has bleeding us, and He will connect adult a wounds. He will revitalise us after dual days, and on a third day He will lift us adult so we can live in His presence.” Following a same formula, these verses interpret to a reconstruction 2,000 years after a birth of Christ, origination benefaction day a commencement of a third day, that mathematically ties into a final Year of Jubilee, once Genesis 6:3 is added. The verses referred to in Genesis contend that man’s days are numbered during 120 years.

If a Jubilee year occurs any 50 years, and 120 years meant 120 Jubilee years, afterwards 120 x 50 = 6,000 years. Translating things this approach would meant Christ is on his way. Acts 3:20-21 also mentions a renovation of everything; a Jubilee year.

Jerusalem has been returned to a Jewish people. The Jewish calendar is opposite from a Gregorian calendar in that a Jewish use days of origination to configure a calendar, similar that it is off by about 220 years. In a year 2016, it will be a 5,776th Jewish year. The year 2016 will be that of a final Jubilee for a Jewish nation. When holding all into account, tetrads, a blood moon and feast holidays prove to many believers that finish times are near.

By Jeanette Smith

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