The Guy In This Video Does Not Seem Nearly Terrified Enough Of This Insane Situation

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Being fearful of snakes is one of a many ordinarily reported phobias.

Despite modernized medicine that can save us from many lizard bites, a instinctual greeting is mostly one of fear when these things uncover up. Cobras in sold have been used in cinema in frightening roles that keep us on a corner of a seats. It’s tough to suppose anyone not being fearful of them.

One builder in India, however, showed implausible aplomb (or stupidity) in a face of risk when he gathering a cobra out of a hole on his construction site and attempted to contend it all by himself.

Watch when it pops out!

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Wow! we can’t trust he picked that thing adult by a tail. we theory we do what you’ve gotta do in sequence to get work done. Share this harrowing lizard story with a people in your life. It’s certain to get a reaction!