The Latest Restaurant Openings in Toronto

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Photo: cheesecakefactoryca on Instagram

For those formed in Toronto, this holiday deteriorate is an sparkling time for rarely expected grill openings. From all we can eat options to classical American comfort foods, we can conduct out to a city to find a dining knowledge that satisfies you. Whether you’re demeanour for a place to horde a subsequent special eventuality or streamer out for infrequent meal, check out Toronto’s latest restaurants that are opening only in time for a holidays.

Cheesecake Factory

The iconic long-standing American sequence grill recently non-stop a initial Canadian plcae during Yorkdale Shopping Centre. It is located in a northwest finish of a mall and strictly non-stop a doors on Nov 21. With 250 menu options and over 50 signature cheesecakes, a Cheesecake Factory serves lunch and dinner, along with a brunch choice on Sundays.


Recently opening a doors to a open on Oct 17, Aloette offer a accumulation of budget-conscious comfort dishes in a luxe-diner desirous setting. It is a spinoff grill of Patrick Kriss’s rarely rated excellent dining kitchen, Alo. Located on 163 Spadina Ave, three-storeys next Alo, Aloette offers a some-more infrequent event to get a ambience of Kriss’s many dear dishes.

August 8

Although a opening date has nonetheless to be announced, Aug 8 is positively a renouned choice among those who adore Asian fare. Aug 8 is a complicated all-you-can-eat alloy grill that claims to bring the excellent aspects of both Cantonese-style low sum and Japanese cuisine.  With this being a initial plcae in downtown Toronto, a other 6 locations opposite a Greater Toronto Area and Halton segment are pronounced to be enjoying popularity.