The handling systems of a 2016 elections revealed!

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New media maven Douglas Rushkoff has always been quite good during explaining a handling systems of contemporary life.

In his argumentative new book Throwing Rocks At The Google Bus, he argues that a handling complement of a tech economy is an unrelenting growth of that we are all – from Google and Facebook to we and we – victims.

So what about politics, we asked him when we met during a DLD NYC conference? What is a handling complement of a 2016 election?

It was a wrong question. What we should have asked about are a handling systems of a election. That, as Rushkoff notes, is a weirdest thing about this year’s unequivocally uncanny election. Each claimant is operative off a opposite handling system, representing a totally opposite media paradigm.

Rushkoff explains that Bernie Sanders is a claimant of a radio age, Hillary Clinton of a tv age and Donald Trump of a internet age. Trump’s “ideology” is digital, Rushkoff notes. He is, to silver a Rushkoffian term, a “digigenic” candidate. “Rather than Occupy, Rushkoff concludes rather depressingly, “We have Trump.”

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