The Veta Arteaga Story

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Veta Arteaga was jaunty via her childhood and desired examination her pro-fighter brother, Freddy, train. She was during Combat Fitness so most that in 2008, he suggested she take a class. She suspicion Jiu-jitsu would be a fun approach for her to remove weight and learn self-defense.

Arteaga took a bullion during her initial Jiu-jitsu contest and held a bug. She was prepared and fervent to start pledge fighting.

Her initial quarrel was in 2012, opposite Annie Singer and she won by knockout. She was inhuman in a cage. She immediately took down Singer and began to lambaste her while wiggling out of a accumulation of holds.
Her goals for 2014 were to quarrel in a enclosure and acquire her blue belt in Jiu-jitsu. She achieved them both by staying focused and vital in a moment.

Before her fourth pledge fight, during a Real MMA event, she decided, if she won, it was time to start her veteran fighting career.

Arteaga might have mislaid by a slight split-decision though during a time, she was distracted. New York requires womanlike MMA fighters to have a finish examination before a fight. During that exam, Arteaga schooled she had a fibroid that was causing complicated bleeding. This caused her to be chronically anemic.

She also had a ripped vinculum in her shoulder. She did not learn that until after a fight, though her shoulder was sore. She suspicion it was from overtraining.

However, these distractions, as Arteaga called them, did not keep her from a cage. She was not dissapoint that she mislaid by a slight split-decision, instead, she wonders what she will be means to accomplish once her health is 100 percent.

Arteaga goes to a gym each day. Even after doctors private a fibroid, she would watch people train. She pronounced her day is not finish though a revisit to a gym.

Arteaga opted out of a medicine for her shoulder and instead, she is in earthy therapy. Once she is totally healed she will be behind in a Bellator cage.

Before her fourth pledge fight, Arteaga motionless that if she won a bout, she would turn a veteran fighter.

She went to Las Vegas for Real MMA V. She was scheduled to quarrel Hannah Fitzpatrick. She pronounced a people from Real MMA initial gave her a bottle of Real Water, that she loves, and treated her like she was a pro fighter. They done her feel special and she usually knew she was relocating adult in a MMA world.

Arteaga kick Fitzpatrick by unanimous decision, on Nov. 17, 2015. Her veteran entrance was Feb. 12, 2016, opposite Ashley Dean.

The initial time Bellator came to Idaho, Arteaga took a hitch opposite Jackie Vandenburgh during a bottom of a quarrel card, on Sept.9, 2016. Ballator was so tender with Arteaga’s expostulate and fighting skills, they televised her third pro-fight. She fought Anastasia Yankova. She mislaid a quarrel by separate preference though won a four-fight agreement with Ballator.

Being a usually womanlike veteran warrior in Idaho, she has a support of MMA fans in a state, in further to her family and friends. She pronounced she can feel their adore and support when people commend her in public.

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