There’s More Than One Way To Use Gunpowder, And This Is Hands Down The Coolest!

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Not many artists would frankly set their work on fire, though that’s accurately what Danny Sherving does to emanate these singular gunpowder paintings.

Sherving grew adult nearby Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and has continued to make his home there as an adult. Like many artists, he’s found impulse in a internal landscape and animals, though how he brings them to life is distant from ordinary.

After arranging gunpowder on timber or canvas, Sherving ignites it with a lighter. The work of art bursts into flames, henceforth withering a picture in place.


While his subjects are positively northwestern, so is a singular technique. The gunpowder, artist’s bravery, and contemptuous approach a work is combined are all qualities a universe has come to commend as belonging to a good ol’ West.


Fans frequently wish to know if breeze or a artist’s possess exhale messes adult a composition, and a answer is yes! Sherving said, “I have schooled how really tranquil a sourroundings has to be to both to pattern and to burn.”