These Elders Reacting To The New iPhone Are Basically All Of Us

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Elderly people are not famous for their endless believe about technology.

Heck, my mom is center aged and still complains each possibility she gets about how many she hates computers. But a lot of a misconceptions about elder and record only come from them not carrying a lot of time to correlate with and figure out a system, but judgment.

When it comes to a new iPhone X, there was a lot to figure out, even for a many seasoned tech users! That’s why, as partial of a Elders React series, they let a elders run furious with a new iPhone, and a outcome is a fun to watch.

I adore when they start regulating a facial approval program to emanate emojis. Too funny!


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These folks are going to be iPhone experts in no time. Tell us your favorite stories about record left wrong in a criticism section!