These Lucky Cat Parents Have Not One, But Two World Record-Holding Kitties

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The chances of holding a Guinness World Record pretension are flattering damn slim. But for this family, pity a home with mixed record-holders is only a partial of bland life.

Will and Lauren from Ann Arbor, Michigan, have 3 pleasing cats named Sirius Altair, Cygnus Regulus, and Arcturus Aldebaran. While they’re all equally really cute, a latter dual are really special since they’ve both entered a Guinness record books for their unusual features.

Around a year ago, Will and Lauren went to a internet for recommendation about Cygnus, their Maine Coon. They were disturbed about how prolonged his tail was, that incited out to not be a concern.

Guinness World Records only so happened to come opposite photos of Cygnus and contacted a integrate seeking for an central dimensions of his tail — and it pennyless a stream record.

Representatives came to their home to film and constraint photos of Cygnus. To their warn and delight, they beheld Arcturus, a couple’s Savannah cat.