These Sounds From Ancient Stars Are Pretty Freaky

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In space, no one can hear we roar since it’s a vacuum, and sound — as we know it here on Earth — can’t transport by nothing. However, that doesn’t meant there are no other sounds. In fact there’s a whole margin dedicated to researching a dark sounds of a universe. It’s called asteroseismology.

Asteroseismologists magnitude a vibrations of stars. The magnitude during that opposite stars quiver can give scientists an implausible volume of information about what any star is done of. These vibrations can also be processed to emanate sound. Below are several “recordings” of ancient stars done by researchers during a University of Birmingham.

These are both scary and strangely soothing.

(via Mysterious Universe)

Each of a above recordings comes from a star in one of a oldest sections of a Milky Way galaxy. Just think, any of those stars has been “singing” like that for billions of years.