They Didn’t Know How Their Dog Would Like The Slide, But It Couldn’t Get Enough!

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When it comes to training an aged dog new tricks, a approaching outcome isn’t always as is to be expected.

Case in point, this friendly French bulldog Tucco who can’t get adequate of a children’s slip during a internal playground. Tucco’s owners had a pint-induced thought to take on a slip with a pooch in his lap. But after a few hearing runs, Tucco was prepared to conquer a large slip on his own. In a shave below, a puppy can be seen sashaying down a steel trench on his rump, and once reaching a bottom, he bolts to a tip to have another go.

After examination this shave a few dozen times, we can’t assistance though suppose Tucco barreling down a slip screaming “WEEEEEEEEE” during a tip of his doggy lungs.

(via Daily Mail)

Something tells me that Tucco and his owners are going to make slip rides a partial of their daily walk.