They Saw The World In Black And White But Watch As They See Color For The First Time

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Imagine that in a universe full of color, we could usually knowledge life in black and white.

Think of all a tools of your daily slight that would now turn harder. Everything from garments selling to classification your washing into lights and darks would be challenging. For Jace and Jimmy Papenhausen, this upsetting anticipation was a oppressive reality. The brothers spent their whole lives traffic with colorblindness.

In an try to urge their sons’ peculiarity of life, a boys’ relatives purchased a span of eyeglasses from EnChroma, a association that specializes in formulating inclination for those pang from colorblindness. This record gives people a event to knowledge a universe in a best light.

Watch as Jace and Jimmy try on a eyeglasses for a initial time!


With a assistance of EnChroma, these brothers have a code new universe to explore.