They Were Surfing When They Noticed Blood In The Water. Then They Saw The Shark.

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On Aug 21, panicked beachgoers started yelling during surfers to get out of a H2O in Orleans, Massachusetts, in a stage that resembled something true out of “Jaws.”

The surfers from Brooklyn were enjoying themselves in a H2O during Nauset Beach when only feet away, they saw a shark aggressive a seal. “I only swam for my life right there, only dreading a impulse a shark was gonna lift me in and siphon me in,” pronounced Zevi Greenspan. Fortunately, everybody was means to strech seaside before a shark set a sights on them, though a sign wasn’t so lucky.

Watch a frightful stage reveal as a sign is killed and a surfers start paddling toward a beach. Some trust it was a good white shark.

(via Daily Mail and NBC New York)

The beach was sealed shortly after a attack, though thankfully, nothing of a people there got hurt. To contend that I’d have been shocked in those surfers’ boots is really an understatement.