They Were Trying To Throw A Puck To A Little Kid, But What Happened Will FLOOR You

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Sports players and coaches many of a time wish to give their fans a unequivocally singular and special knowledge when they come out to a game. But occasionally, they’ll go above and over to offer an gullible suitor a really special moment.

That’s accurately what happened when a manager of a Buffalo Sabres, Dan Bylsma was perplexing to give a immature fan a cold souvenir. Unfortunately, it didn’t spin out that way. Watch what happens when he tries to chuck a puck to a child during a game…

As he throws a puck to a small boy, an comparison male snatches it from him and sits down nonchalantly. UNBELIEVABLE!

A video posted by Hockey Collective (@hockeycollective) on Oct 29, 2015 during 5:26pm PDT

Fortunately, a Pittsburgh Penguins (the group a Buffalo Sabres were personification during a time) listened of this story and motionless to right a wrong.

They awarded a child with a jersey and a couple of pucks!

Now that’s how we provide a fan to a special knowledge during a hockey game. I’m certain he’ll never forget it — they’ve got a lifelong fan!

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Thank integrity someone saw what happened and righted that terrible wrong. And contrition on that aged male for plucking that puck divided from a kid. Have we no heart or soul, sir?! That’s accurately because he didn’t get a giveaway jersey and mixed pucks.