They Were Using Dead Cows For A Study. Wait Until You See How They Lost One.

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In hopes of training some-more about a behaviors of animals such as vultures and other scavengers, scientists in Utah got utterly a shock.

Scientists from a University of Utah set out 7 cow carcasses in a grassy area, anticipating to lane a behaviors of scavengers during a winter months. Each body was versed with a camera to record any and all findings.

When scientist Evan Buechley done a trek out to a exam site to inspect a carcasses, he found that one of a cows had left missing. As he reviewed a footage, he was dumbfounded to watch it all unfold.

Buechley fast detected that a pester had buried a cow subterraneous to use it a food source in a entrance weeks.

Badgers have been famous to bury tiny animals to use as food, though this is a initial time that scientists have detected badgers burying anything incomparable than tiny birds or mammals.

(via Daily Mail)

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