This Beautiful Ad Will Make You Want To Hug Your Mom And Never Let Go

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If you’ve ever seen a Olympics, you’ve substantially seen ads for Proctor Gamble claiming to be a “Proud Sponsor of Moms.”

Playing on a sponsorships Olympic athletes accept in sequence to compete, a outrageous house that produces cleaning products, diapers, and other necessities loves to underline moms doing their thing both in and outward of a home. Their ad campaign’s “Thank You, Mom” array has overwhelmed many, though their newest announcement is also rebellious an critical issue: bias. “Love Over Bias” is P G’s latest brief film celebrating moms who adore their kids by a taste they face.

The touching blurb facilities moms who adore their kids by disposition that comes from classism, racism, and homophobia, ancillary their Olympic dreams all a approach to a top.


This is such an critical message. To everybody out there who competes notwithstanding a hurdles they face, we salute you. To a moms who assistance them get there, you’re MVPs, too.