This Bird May Have No Idea What It’s Saying, But It’ll Give You A Piece Of Its Mind

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It’s easy to balance out many people when they’re repetition and raving, though this cockatoo would never dream of vouchsafing we omit him.

When this gob gets on his soapbox, we can’t assistance though compensate full attention. Unfortunately for those of us who don’t pronounce smooth bird, we have no thought what he’s perplexing to say. He might have a thing for pristine gibberish, though I’m here for it.

While his owners insist that Hamlet indeed has an endless vocabulary, all we’re left with is a extensively debate about nothing. We all have to opening sometimes, we guess.


If I’m being totally honest we see a lot off myself in Hamlet. At times we find myself observant a whole lot of nothing, though during slightest we get my indicate opposite with sass.