This Bizarre Performance Artist Will Make You Wonder What The Word ‘Art’ Even Means

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“I’m Poppy. I’m Poppy. I’m Poppy. I’m Poppy.”

If we visit YouTube flattering often, you’ve substantially listened this weird, repeated fibre of introductions that hardly blemish a aspect of a weird function people have come to design from Moriah Rose Pereira, improved famous by her theatre name, Poppy. Part cocktail thespian and partial opening artist, this internet phenom is famous for formulating some of a many weird calm on a web — though she contingency be doing something right, given she’s amassed an violent series of fans.

Here’s a aforementioned “I’m Poppy” video. Just 10 true mins of her revelation us who she is.


The brainchild of Pereira and executive Corey Michael Mixter, improved famous as Titanic Sinclair, a Poppy impression emerged in 2015 when she uploaded a initial video to her YouTube channel, that featured a eternally pastel-clad lady eating pinkish string candy.

Ever since, Poppy’s been releasing bubblegum pop-type song and putting out a solid tide of increasingly foolish videos, in that she talks in an innocent, soft, roughly ASMR-like voice and behaves a approach you’d design a drudge would.