This Cat Cannot Get Enough Of His Owner’s Electric Toothbrush

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Getting your pets to caring about their dental hygiene is a losing battle, though this cat is an difference to a rule.

There’s a prolonged list of sterilizing necessities that are normal, bland tasks for humans, though removing your pets to concur in these situations is mostly a mislaid cause. I’ve perceived my satisfactory share of conflict scars while perplexing to trim my pooch’s nails, and there isn’t adequate chicken-flavored toothpaste in a universe to get him to open his mouth far-reaching adequate to brush those teeth.

But one animal partner has a most easier time. When this cat’s owners turns on his electric toothbrush, a pool usually can’t seem to get enough.

If usually my pets were like this…

Maybe if we uncover this video to my dog, he’ll learn to conclude good verbal hygiene.