This Deep-Fried Big Mac Is Truly A (Delicious) Sign Of The End Of The World

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Even yet we adore all things hyperbolic here during ViralNova, we’re not customarily prone to trust in omens. We hoop a lot of freaky material, so that’s done us doubtful of everything.

But something recently came opposite a table that even we trust to be a pointer of finish times. Prepare yourselves for what you’re about to see, since it’s not pretty.

It came to us around PeepMySneaks and Foodbeast — dual Instagram accounts that applaud food in all a glory.

It came to us around a href= target=_blankPeepMySneaks/a and a href= target=_blankFoodbeast/a -- dual Instagram accounts that applaud food in all a glory.

Instagram / PeepMySneaks

At initial glance, it looks like something deep-fried and saucy. And who doesn’t adore deep-fried, suacy things? No one, that’s who. But afterwards we schooled a terrifying truth…

You competence wish to spin divided if looking a messenger of a canon in a face is too most for you. You won’t be means to unsee this.

What you’re looking during is a deep-fried Big Mac.

What you're looking during is a deep-fried Big Mac.

Instagram / PeepMySneaks

We’re not certain that horseman of a canon would wish to lift this. They competence have to make a fifth one to hoop deep-fried crimes opposite humanity.

See a unholy routine right here:

Deep Fried McDonald’s BIG MAC gets a @peepmysneaks treatment! || #foodbeast 🎥 @peepmysneaks

A video posted by foodbeast (@foodbeast) on Jun 24, 2015 during 10:26pm PDT

Instagram / PeepMySneaks

(via Sploid, Foodbeast)

Side effects of looking during this origination from a abyss embody vocalization in tongues and draining stigmata.

In all seriousness, though, if we wish to see some-more crazy food creations, check out both Foodbeast and PeepMySneaks on Instagram. And afterwards eat some salad.

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