This Dog Really Wants To Play With This Cat…So Much That He Starts Mimicking Her

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Making friends can be one of life’s many formidable challenges. Even when we consider you’ve found a ideal bestie, they competence need a small some-more time to feel a same…which is something this waggish rough is training a tough way.

He wants to play with his new cat crony so, so bad, though a sly is not convinced. Of course, that doesn’t stop a determined puppy from perplexing his darnedest.

“See? We have so most in common!”

See? We have so most in common!

YouTube / Flappy

“Pleeeease, be my friend!!”

Pleeeease, be my friend!!

YouTube / Flappy

Watch a whole darling confront here:


Poor guy, he substantially only needs to be a bit some-more patient. I’m certain a small lady will come around in no time! Cuties like those dual are firm to get along, eventually.