This Giant, 5-Foot Earthworm From Ecuador Is Creepy As Hell

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Earthworms are some of a many organisms on this world that keep a multitude going. Without them lovely a soil, we can gamble that we’d have a flattering large rural problem on a hands.

Despite that, worms are flattering creepy to demeanour at, that is because we’re here to give we some perspective. The subsequent time we collect adult a stone and see a garland of worms underneath, take comfort in a fact that they’re not 5 feet long.

If we don’t feel like that’d be such a bad steer to behold, we give we a five-foot earthworm in all a glory.


(source: The Jungle Diaries)

Nope! So most nope. we mean, we theory earthworms are harmless, though we only can’t seem to shake a creepiness of this one. Are we totally certain this isn’t a snake?